Reliable partner for aviation equipment

As a reliable business partner with nearly 35 years of experiences in the industry, we believe that not only do we have to provide top grade products, but also to utilize our experience to foresee the opportunities. In addition, we proactively maintain good relationship with our suppliers, partners and clients, and pursuit the same goals and share the same vision with them.

Provider of total solutions

In order to leverage the industry standard and provide the best possible solutions, we rely heavily on multi-facet thinking and a wide range of industry knowledge. For every project, we strive to maximize the value of the equipment solution thru the commitment understanding the real needs of clients and offering the core insight. Our motto - “Constant improvement & challenging the status quo” has become our persistence and made us exceed clients’ expectation.

Pioneer of technical innovation

Innovative thinking is considered as the key to aviation equipment industry. Through extensive user studies and critical design thinking, product design and features can be improved time by time for better user experience. During the process, we work closely with many world-renown design institutions to fulfill the needs with creative solutions and to better prepare ourselves for future challenges. We truly believe that there can be many possible solutions to one problem and more than one answer to a question.